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"Julie's Tips for Spring 2010"

by Julie Kaufman
Spring is finally really here, and it’s time to spruce up your wardrobe for the warmer weather. Here are Julie’s Tips on adapting the current fashions to look your best!
1. Prints on top of other prints could be blinding.

Print mixing is a big trend for 2010. Wearing an outfit with four completely different prints might work in the magazines but is really hard to pull off for real people with real bodies. Better to pair two patterns together that share similar colors or if you want to be really safe, pair a floral print skirt with a solid top and add another pattern in something smaller such as a scarf, bag, or belt.

The rule when mixing prints is to generally keep the colors the same, and the scale of prints different.  For example, a small blue check with a larger blue floral could work together.

2. Big bold jewelry needs to be worn with caution.

Big jewelry is in and the best way to put it into your wardrobe is in smaller doses. The larger the jewelry, the less complex it should be.  If you want to wear a big bangle, try one in Lucite. You’ll enjoy the drama of the grand scale.

Keep your own scale in mind when going big.  If you’re a small person, a piece of medium-to-large scale will look big on you, and will be dramatic enough, without choosing something huge.  If you’re a big person, on the other hand, you can choose something big and wear it well.

3. Downsize your handbag.

With shoes getting more attention, the role of the handbag is changing. Handbags this season are smaller pieces of artwork that add detail to your outfit. For those of you who still carry your lives in your purse, look to find a bigger slouch bag with this season’s soft neutrals or feminine light pastels. The lighter colors will make the bag not look so heavy.

4. Don’t get carried away with the ever-growing heels.

Sky-high stilettos will be impossible to wear if you have further than one block to walk.  Even wedges are uncomfortably high this season. Look for strappy and laced up heels in a more reasonable heel height. But don’t give up on the details like grommets, sequins, and metallic finishes.

If you’re not a high-heel person, you’ll look most graceful in ballet flats or in strappy shoes that are in a nude color (something close to the color of your feet).  They don’t have to match your outfit (you can wear nude shoes with a black dress, for example) and they won’t pull the attention down to your feet.

5. Enjoy ruffles but don’t overdo.

Ruffles are great in moderation. Too many ruffles can make a grown woman look like she’s trying too hard to look youthful. Be careful about the extra volume produced by ruffles. It may add the illusion of extra weight. If you love the ruffle detail but don’t feel like wearing it in a top, dress, or skirt, find it in the details of a handbag or a summer shawl.

6. Nude colored clothing needs a polished face.

Nude color clothing is quite stylish now - you’ve seen actresses wear nude gowns on the red carpet lately.  Nude hues can be sophisticated and refined, but to pull off these delicate shades, you have to choose one that’s in your palette, and you have to pay more attention to your makeup. It would be easy to look washed out and even a little sickly without a polished face and defined features brought out through the right makeup. Consider adding your best metal colors in jewelry to complement this soft look.
© 2010 Julie Kaufman
Julie's photo Julie Kaufman is a professional wardrobe consultant for women and men in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country. She inspires confidence and helps individuals and business professionals dress well for any situation. Julie presents and leads workshops on popular topics in her “Clothe Yourself with Confidence” programs. She is a certified image consultant through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Contact Julie Kaufman at 650.323.3970.
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