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"Tips for Shopping Sales and Outlets"

by Julie Kaufman
Sale racks and outlet stores are great for stretching your shopping budget.  In fact, they can be a wonderful way to shop.  But it takes a little more skill to be successful at this kind of shopping.  A mistake or two can undo all your savings.

Here are some suggestions to guide you toward success.
1. Before you go shopping, check to see what you need.  In fact, make a list.  When shopping, focus on your needs.

2. Look through for your size and color.  Don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked by things that won’t be right for you.

3. On sale racks, check through sizes other than your own, because often things are misfiled.

4. Try on everything and look over each article carefully.  Are there loose threads or pulls?  Any stains?  Make sure things are in good condition before buying.

5. Buy things you can use, not just things that seem to be a bargain.  If you don’t use it, it’s no bargain.

6. Avoid the temptation to buy more of what you already own; like the perfect black sweater.  Don’t you already have three just like it at home?

7. Even more important than buying at full price, make sure each article fits or can be tailored to fit.  As with any purchase, you may need alterations.  Just be sure the garment can be altered to fit you.  (And take it to the tailor right away; don’t let it linger in your closet.)

8. If you find an odd piece you love, make sure you can get something to go with it before succumbing to the purchase.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with an “orphan” reminding you of your mistake every time you look at it.

9. At sales and outlets, garments are often from the prior season.  Don’t buy anything trendy that is already going out of style.  You won’t have enough opportunity to wear it before feeling it is passé.

10. Don’t be afraid to leave empty-handed.  Maybe the stuff is just not for you on this trip.  Try again in a few weeks.  Don’t buy just to buy.
© Julie Kaufman
Julie's photo Julie Kaufman is a professional wardrobe consultant for women and men in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country. She inspires confidence and helps individuals and business professionals dress well for any situation. Julie presents and leads workshops on popular topics in her “Clothe Yourself with Confidence” programs. She is a certified image consultant through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Contact Julie Kaufman at 650.323.3970.
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