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"7 Tips to Overcome Your Aversion to Shopping"

by Julie Kaufman

There are many reasons to avoid shopping.  But the only way to have great clothes is to shop for them and try them on, choosing only those that really look good on you.

Here are some suggestions to make it easier.

1. Visual overload  If the stimuli of lights, sounds and merchandise overwhelms you, go during off-hours or to smaller stores. If you hit the mall, concentrate on one or two places only.
2. Clothing Tryouts  Yes, trying on things can be a pain. But it's really necessary to make sure you're buying the most flattering, best-fitting clothes. If items need alterations, consider having them pinned right then in the dressing room and having the store do the alterations. It may cost a few dollars more, but it will save you the time and effort of getting to the dressmaker.
3. Ready-to-wear clothes are made to fit standard body specifica-tions which match an ideal woman, but not necessarily you or me. You should expect that most clothing you try on will need tailoring to fit you beautifully. Don't be hesitant to get things tailored for a perfect fit. That extra little time and trouble will pay off in a big way in how good you look.
4. Coordination problems  Get ideas from magazines and books on how to mix pieces, patterns and prints. Never buy anything unless you have something else to match it. Hang ensembles together.
5. Too busy  Create a core wardrobe that will last with classic-quality items. Pay a personal shopper and/or enlist the complimentary department store service. Figure out brands that look best on you and order online or by mail.
6. Fear factor  Good decision-making is easier when you shop with someone you trust. And while some salespeople are great, their incentive is to sell you clothes, whether they’re perfect or not. So develop a “shopping buddy” – someone who knows and respects your body and your colors, and will give you honest advice, or hire an independent expert like Julie.
7. Hard-to-fit types  Accept what you are now and stop looking at styles that you wish you could wear but don't flatter you. Clothes can make you look good, but they're not your salvation. If you're truly miserable with your body, consider an appointment with a doctor and a gym.
© Julie Kaufman
Julie's photo Julie Kaufman is a professional wardrobe consultant for women and men in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country. She inspires confidence and helps individuals and business professionals dress well for any situation. Julie presents and leads workshops on popular topics in her “Clothe Yourself with Confidence” programs. She is a certified image consultant through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Contact Julie Kaufman at 650.323.3970.
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