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"Julie's Tips to Freshen Your Look in 2010"

by Julie Kaufman
Here are some things you can do to revitalize yourself and your wardrobe.  Get the New Year off to a great start.
1. Take your shoes in to be repaired and renewed. Do you have shoes that need heels replaced, or tips?  Or shoes with scuff marks that need a little buffing?  Take them to the shoemaker and step into 2010 with confidence.  It's a great way to get newer-looking shoes for just a few dollars.
2. Get your eyebrows professionally shaped. You might be surprised how much this simple service will add polish to your look.  If you're near Menlo Park, my colleague Aida (Aida's Custom Cosmetics, 650 327-9882) is a great source for this.  If you'd like to make the changes permanent, I can recommend a great electrologist in Palo Alto (Cindy Brine; 650 327-2404).
3. Take care of your skin. Visit your dermatologist for your once-a-year check, and ask about the best regimen for your skin type.  New products are always coming on the market for both men and women.  For example, at Canyon Ranch earlier this year, I tried the Clarisonic Pro electric cleanser (made by the Sonicare electric toothbrush folks).  I bought one, and have been delighted with how clean and smooth my skin has been as a result of my 60-second nightly regimen.
4. Take time to upgrade your undergarments. Almost every client I see needs new bras.  In fact, we all do from time to time, yet it's everyone's least favorite shopping excursion.  Are you a little droopy (maybe you didn't know that the nipple should be about halfway between your shoulder and your waist)? I suggest making an appointment with a good bra fitter (e.g. at Nordstrom) to make sure you're choosing the right ones for your size and shape.  There are some excellent shaper products out there - ask about them, too.
5. Get a great haircut.  Maybe you've been in a rut for too long and need a change?  Or maybe you simply don't keep up with your cut and color often enough?  We tend to focus on buying new clothes, but a new haircut and the right color for you can do wonders for how you look and feel.
6. Make your image a priority.  Right or wrong, we are all quick to judge someone based on our first impression.  What impression are you making?  Make it the best!  Contact me and get your style and wardrobe appointments on the books.  Let me help you meet your goals in 2010.
  Happy New Year!
© 2010 Julie Kaufman
Julie's photo Julie Kaufman is a professional wardrobe consultant for women and men in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country. She inspires confidence and helps individuals and business professionals dress well for any situation. Julie presents and leads workshops on popular topics in her “Clothe Yourself with Confidence” programs. She is a certified image consultant through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Contact Julie Kaufman at 650.323.3970.
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